Alexa Goodman, Founder & CEO

Alexa Goodman, Founder & CEO

Alexa Goodman, Founder & CEO

Alexa is originally from Montreal and moved to Nova Scotia six years ago to pursue her education. She completed a BSc in Marine Biology and Environmental Sustainability and Society (ESS) and a Masters in Marine Management from Dalhousie University. On her down time, you are likely to find her outdoors, probably by the coast doing a shoreline cleanup, at the gym, or scuba diving, which is her lifelong passion. As a Sustainable Oceans Alliance Youth Leader, Alexa continues to inspire and motivate others to take action in doing better for our ocean.


Chris Becker, Summer Student

Alexa Goodman, Founder & CEO

Alexa Goodman, Founder & CEO

Chris recently completed his third year at Dalhousie University in Nova Scotia where he is pursuing a double major in Sustainability and Philosophy. This summer, he is joining our team as a summer student to spread the message of Stop Trashing It, where he is writing a blog following his journey towards reducing waste in his life through product swaps, lifestyle changes and waste free alternatives. He will also be working on community engagement projects to encourage others to take the Stop Trashing It pledge.

Our Ambassadors


Fidan Karimova - Washington, DC

Meet Fidan, our first ambassador! She is passionate about all things water - drinking it, diving in it, and cleaning it. She will be organizing a few cleanups in her area and on her upcoming work trips. Keep an eye out for her posts and tips for cleaning our planet.


Jess Panetta - Montreal, QC

While studying Marketing at McGill University, Jess developed a passion for business sustainability and organizations that benefit the planet and society. Whether she’s running marketing campaigns for a social enterprise or making national news headlines for a non-profit, she is determined to use the “gift of gab”, for good causes. Jess believes that no action is too small to make a positive impact, and that eliminating single-use plastics is a great step in the right direction. In her spare time, Jess loves to try new vegetarian recipes, do yoga and play the ukulele.


Kate DeVenne - Dartmouth, NS

Kate has always had a passion for the environment, which was one of the reasons she decided to completely change her lifestyle, and go vegan. After having her daughter, was when she had a revelation about the plastic epidemic we are facing today. It was then she decided to work towards making a change, and start to eliminate single-use plastics from her home while trying to motivate others to make a change. She loves spending time outdoors and being with her family.


Jenn Neilson - Lower Sackville, NS

Born and raised in Nova Scotia, Jenn has a passion for helping others. For one of her big goals this year, she pledged to reduce single use plastic in her home, which lead her to becoming an ambassador for Stop Trashing It. She writes a personal finance and travel blog over at Will Save For Travel, and believes going green can save you money. In her spare time you can find her on a deck chair during sunny days, writing, reading, and planning her next vacation.


Brooke Wilson - Dartmouth, NS

During her childhood years, Brooke grew up with her mothers passion for gardening and her fathers love of football and the outdoors. After 35 years of moving city-to-city, her husband, daughter, 2 dogs and soon-to-be baby #2 have settled down and bought their first home in Dartmouth, NS. Brooke is energized by nature, loves to laugh, enjoys yoga and boxing workouts, and is passionate about sustainable living, human rights, and her job with Halifax Public Libraries. Brooke and her family are always looking for ways to reduce garbage and live sustainably, and are excited to move towards “greener” living with their new home.

Our Allies


Sean McMullan

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